Growth Consulting

Growth management not only describes the general growth of a company, but also the development of its areas of business. Developing a growth strategy is usually much more difficult than forming a growth-orientated team. It is therefore no coincidence that the best examples of sustainable growth come from venture capital firms.

Increased interest in growth has given rise to a wide range of passing trends and “silver bullet” approaches. Complex scenario planning, the search for new industrial models and Internet use are only some of them. All these have their place, but our evaluation of hundreds of business situations show that they cannot be used as comprehensive strategic approaches. Illuminating the core of the business is the sound basis for a continuous and sustained increase in your company’s growth rate.

René Marcel Schretzmann
Managing Partner

René Marcel Schretzmann has more than 16 years of experience in digital transformation and IT strategy as well as in-depth subject knowledge, acquired through international projects. His areas of expertise are strategic and operational management, project design, reorganisation and optimisation. He primarily advises the fields of IT, pharmaceutical, automation, transport and commissioning.