Master Data Management

Even the best IT solution is worth nothing if organisation and processes have been neglected or not even taken into account. Many organisations have no defined processes. But the anchoring of data management and data migration roles in the respective organisational units and processes is the key to success. Only when people, processes and tools are fully orchestrated and coordinated with one another is a functional result possible. This is an essential basis for all successful data management and data migration projects. We support you in the definition and implementation of individually suited data management structures, as well as in the successful implementation of your data migration projects.

Use Case Master Data Management

Duration: 15 months Industry: Machine  Construction Function: Master Data Management

One of our projects entailed the conception and implementation of a spare part data management system and its continuous optimisation. During the first 9 to 12 months of the project, it was already possible to reduce the proportion of master data by 35%. This enabled an increase in quality of the remaining data by 39%.

Use Case Master Data Management

Duration: 4 months Industry: Energy Function: Business Analysis

The challenge for this customer in the energy sector was the complex communication structure of the company, as well as the problems mentioned by the customer. The department for information structure works closely together with the back office for master data related to gas and electricity. This cooperation gave rise to the following problems:

  1. Who will possess the master data and who will collect which data?
  2. What could a potential process look like?
  3. How will these processes be documented/recorded?

In the first step, we created an overview of the existing master data for the stakeholders. Together, we then developed a management structure to monitor the master data, before introducing a clear, defined process for changes to the master data. We created and visualised the processes for dealing with master data with support from all internal stakeholders (e.g. financial management, risk management). After defining and visualising these processes, we presented the results. In the final step, a concrete action plan was established. All processes are stored in the Intranet to enable easy internal access to the entire process structure for master data.

Stefan Stuwe

Stefan Stuwe is the director of Fusion Consulting GmbH. He has more than 20 years of experience in consulting. His focus is on strategy, organisation and company management. He advises companies worldwide in various industries, including the automotive and industrial sectors, as well as in the healthcare sector.