Process Management

In addition to project management, process management is a key factor for success, especially in software implementation projects. Process management plays a decisive role, and not only during a project. Particularly in everyday business, various changing factors often lead to process changes. Together with our customers, we develop the preliminary conceptual work, analysis and adaptation of existing processes, as well as the resulting modelling of new processes and monitoring options.

Use case process management

Duration: 4 months Industry: Energy Function: Process Management

Our customer had a limited overview of master data processes in their information structures. This affected two of its core areas, as well as the associated interfaces. As a result, the quality and consistency of the data was inadequate for the necessary reports. We supported the customer in creating an overview of all the necessary processes. We redefined the interfaces within each area and marked out the distribution of responsibilities.  To create greater transparency, we imported the processes into a Wiki system.

Amir Feghhi

Amir Feghhi has more than 12 years of experience in project management, CRM, and digital and business development. He has previously worked with start-ups, medium-sized businesses and corporations, predominantly in the fields of finance, automotive, energy, the food industry and technology.