Bernhard Madörin

Secretary of the Board

After successfully graduating secondary school, Bernhard Madörin studied jurisprudence at the University of Basel and completed his studies with a dissertation in tax law. Madörin has worked as an employer and later as a partner in his father’s trust agency. By founding his own trust agency Treuhand Dr. iur. Bernhard Madörin in 1998 he went into business for himself. Today the Dr. can look back on 30 years of professional experience as a trustee and independent contractor. During these years Dr. iur. Madörin specialised in tax law for individual persons as well as for small and medium-sized companies. He can revert to a well-founded know-how in taxes, finances and law. Dr. iur. Madörin wrote several scientific and practice-oriented books and essays and he often performs as a speaker at public events. Since 2017 he has been the publisher of the edition Steuer- und Finanzratgeber für Unternehmen.


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