Blueprint – thoughts behind the project

We put a lot of thoughts and heart into planning the school with HISON. Education is a lot more than just learning how to do math’s and how to write - it is a basic right of every child, regardless their origin.

Due to a lack of access, affordability and awareness, these children are unable to receive education and therefore they are unable to escape poverty. That’s why we want to establish supplementary facilities such as a library, kitchen, playground, dormitory, dining room etc. We want to achieve a long-lasting project and we are confident that we will. Building a safe and secure environment is vital, so that children can focus on their learning and - most importantly - their future. Stay up do date – in our next posts we will already present you a big achievement and you will learn more about the journey to Welou, Togo of Doris and Sepp Schnyder. 

HISON school complex floor plan

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