HISON visits Togo

We had a chat with Doris and Sepp, the change-makers from HISON. Here’s their recollection of events following the start of our project.

“We started for Togo on October 17th last year. After a halt in Burkina Faso for our other projects, we finally reached Togo on October 26.  After checking into our hotel, we waited for our PCR result to come back. Once we got the “Negative” PCR report, we got the green signal to visit the location. We were picked up by three people at the hotel at 9 am. After a long and bumpy ride, we finally reached the plot of land at around 6 pm. To our pleasant surprise, a group of people were waiting for us, since 3 pm! It was heartening to see the enthusiasm of the people. It filled our hearts with excitement and reassurance for the task ahead. 

Usually, we visit the heads of states to pursue a project. So, it was surprising to see the leaders waiting for us in anticipation, hours before we arrived. Even Kao and Fero (our main persons of contact in Togo) were surprised as they hadn’t witnessed such a spectacle since ages!” 

leaders of the locals

Sepp: I started by thanking them and elaborating our plan for their school, while Kao translated my French to their native language. Kao is an expert at translation, which is not easy since there are over 30 different languages being spoken in the surrounding area. Such is the diversity of their language that even their church services are translated into multiple languages! 

Sepp and Doris: After a brief conversation, they showed us the well that was finished recently. Previously, we had asked the people to print the Fusion logo on the water tower – but instead of printing, they painted the logo by hand, which looked identical to a print! Ingenious! 

In the picture, you can see that there are two water taps. One is for filling up small water bottles, etc. The one higher up is for the women that fill up their water vessels, which makes it much easier. The women simply carry their vessels on top of their heads, stand under the tap, and fill them up easily. 
After all the chit-chat, it was getting dark. Everyone started going back to their homes. We also had a hearty meal with the leaders, who had prepared a sumptuous popular recipe – Fufu. The next day, we went back to the plot of land, and took footage with our camera.

Sepp: We gave the phone Fusion had provided us to Didier, who will take pictures when we are not in Togo, and send us the developments. Didier is already living in a house built for him on the plot of land. 

After some video shots and pictures, we gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony was completed with a prayer, reading from the bible, and blessing the property. 

Summing up, we are jubilant with the outcome of our visit. The building will start construction soon! Come, follow us on this journey, and stay tuned for more updates and developments!  

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