Togo school project

We have a huge update on our CSR initiative with HISON to create social change in Togo! The foundation has advanced, and the school’s classrooms are now clearly taking shape 😊 

As you know, the last time, a foundation was started after an auspicious ground-breaking ceremony, as attended and narrated by Doris and Sepp from HISON. 

Now, our school in construction has advanced; the first milestone being the completion of the toilet complex. Proper hygiene and sanitation are of utmost importance, and it is imperative to implement a healthy education to all the students and upcoming dependants of the school premises. 

Moving on, the ground has been well dug up, using top-notch construction materials. A very interesting initiative by the locals helping with the construction, is the brick-making process. An ingenious skill, the art of brickmaking requires finesse in casting, moulding and shaping concrete into perfectly shaped bricks. The artisans were perfectly aware of these requirements and finished the tasks in time. 

The work under progress, is the main structure of the school premises. The classroom areas are now being constructed at a brisk pace.  

Just like you, we are excited at these welcome developments, and cannot wait to hear more from our friends on the ground in Togo!  

A special thanks to Doris and Sepp from HISON for their pursuit of universal education and helping us share this initiative. A great start to a brighter future indeed 😊 

Stay tuned to our updates and do share our journey if you support our social efforts! 

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