For a bright Future

At Fusion Consulting we are aiming to be leaders who demonstrate strong commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

We want to embrace ethical responsibility to achieve fair treatment of all our stakeholders including employees, suppliers and customers, environmental responsibility to demonstrate clear sustainable stewardship wherever possible and philanthropic responsibility to support people in need around us.
Christmas Donation

As in every year in December, families and friends come closer together to celebrate Christmas. However the year 2021 was a quite challenging one for many people around the world who got significantly impacted. At Fusion Consulting giving back to community is becoming even more needed and urgent.

Time for us to help!

We are happy to announce our decision to donate 5,000 CHF in the name of our employees to support four charity organizations that are close to our hearts and deserve all the help they can get. For Europe it will be „War Child“, an organization that works exclusively to improve the resilience and wellbeing of children living with violence and armed conflict. The share for the US will go to the „American Institute for Cancer Research“, and for the asian area there will be a split for Malaysian „Hospis“-Organization as well as the Salvation Army for Singapore. 

Building a school in Togo

We are delighted to inform you  about our first sponsoring project: We decided to collaborate with the aid organization HISON. Located in the heart of Switzerland in the canton of Nidwalden, HISON devoted to empower education and development in African countries. With our major contribution of 150,000 CHF we are covering the costs of a school project located in Welou, Togo. 

"HISON - Help for those in need in West Africa" - HISON set itself to empower needy and socially disadvantaged people to develop into the supporters of society.

HISON’s story began in 1987, when founder Doris Ineichen (maiden name Addo) from Ghana travelled to Switzerland as exchange student. Doris soon started to rally for Ghanaian people in need, but noticed that people expected her gifts every time she visited the country. Doris didn’t want to create dependencies but rather help people so they can help themselves.

"Education never stops, but for some it never begins."
Doris Ineichen, Founder of HISON
Doris Ineichen, Founder of HISON

Education is vital for a child’s life. It’s not only about learning how do to math’s or learning how to write and read, but also about social learning. How to build friendships, how to study, how to communicate, how to show feelings, how to have a helping hand in life, etc. In 2012, HISON began building  more and more schools, enabling over 1000 children’s education. Following Doris Ineichen’s philosophy „Don’t create dependency but rather help so they can help themselves“, HISON merely builds schools. The parents will then be liable for the coverage of school fees and for operational organization. 

We are excited to share the happy news with you and will inform you about the ongoing process. Doris and Sepp Schnyder have been equipped with a smartphone provided by Fusion Consulting to document and report their actual journey to Togo, which started on Oct 16th 2021. 

Keep in touch with the ongoing project

On our Fusion Blog we will report the journey from time to time. Here you’ll find our latest articles with news and updates showing the progress of our CSR projects.