News | March 24, 2022

Environmental Health and Safety Seminar

The recent outbreak of the pandemic in Suzhou challenged many companies to streamline their logistics, warehouse, and transportation, in compliance with EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) laws and regulations.  

 Thus, it is imperative to focus on Risk Management, Incident Management, and other strategic countermeasures, to tackle such perilous situations. 

 As one of the leading consultancies in the Life Sciences industry, Fusion Consulting has always been at the forefront of EHS compliance, with profound insight and experience in EHS management. 

 Fusion Consulting conducted an online webinar on February 28th, to shed light on the nitty-gritties of EHS to all the participants. We were joined by fellow DUSA members to discuss the guidelines and overview of the best practices of EHS training. 

 DUSA (European Business Association Suzhou) is a private, non–profit association founded in 2002 in Suzhou, China. Wenchao Duan (Logistics Specialist at Fusion Consulting), our guest speaker, articulated over the topic, and gave us his expert insights. 

 It was a pleasure to conduct the webinar with our fellow DUSA members. We strive to follow the highest industry standards for the benefit of our employees. 

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