News | April 01, 2022

New office for Fusion China

With an auspicious start to the new year, Fusion China moved into a beautiful new office in Shanghai. 

Jennie Zhang, from Fusion China, recollects the new office move, 

"Our old office was in central Shanghai but had limited industry-specific opportunities. 

The new office is present in the Lingang area - a new commercial hotspot in Shanghai. Our premises are considerably bigger, with added perks and facilities. This area attracts the most competitive and rapidly growing companies in China, and Fusion Consulting is a well deserving entrant to this prestigious collective. There is a plan to develop this area into a pharmaceutical industry megapolis by 2035.  

This area is full of world-class facilities, due to its proximity to Pudong airport. A new high-speed railway is also being built here, which makes it even more accessible. We are excited and looking forward to working at our new office premises 😊"

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