News | March 05, 2021

People separation activities for Novartis

Fusion consulting in collaboration with Infosys consulting helped Novartis pharma complete people separation activities for the Alcon spin off successfully. The closure of HR transition was performed successfully and both HR / HR IT transition service agreements.

- Facilitated operational separation of Alcon HR and HR IT from Novartis
- Performed Novartis system separation and set up activities for the TSA duration
- Assisted Novartis P&O in HR transition services agreement with Alcon
- Enabled compliant headcount reporting, FTE reporting, legal HR reporting for Novartis
- Closed separation with accurate employee offboarding including handover of books and records from Novartis to Alcon

The project was kicked off in December 2019 and after 15 months – we successfully went live in February 2021!

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