I joined Fusion Consulting in March 2020 and have been working as a director ever since. I am thankful to Matt for introducing me to this company after having worked together on various projects. In my time of being a director, there have been many occasions making me believe that I made the right choice by joining. The entire culture of inclusiveness and openness within the organization and its willingness to take on board suggestions from employees at every level have made me feel like an integrated part of the organization. I see the ability to grow personally, participate in, and contribute to the growth of this organization. What I learned as a team leader is that you can only be as competent as your team is involved. Therefore, it's crucial to stay close, communicate with each member, and always look for ways for development. Our challenging but exciting worldwide merger project is a great example of how important it is to engage your team.
"No problem - however big it may be - is the end of the world. So, stay calm and look for a solution."
The tricky part of this project involved managing the deployment of multiple countries in a single wave and the running of numerous such waves in parallel. It was not easy to ensure resources within the team as we were located all around the world, so our time zones were different, too, making it even harder to work together. As COVID restrictions made it impossible to travel, we had to work with what we had by setting up proper delegation structures within the team to appoint leads for each task. My main job was managing these delegated tasks and staying on top of issues and risks across all waves, meaning one-on-one calls and consultations if needed. Nevertheless, we were able to complete the project to the client's satisfaction. Achievements like these and interacting with business users who find that our delivered solutions ade-quately met their business needs are some of the best moments of my work. Suppose you are looking to be a member of our Fusion Family. In that case, in our field it's essential to stay focused, keep upgrading ourselves constantly, have a human touch to our approaches, and always staying calm in stressful scenarios. If you choose to be a part of this organization, you will enjoy a family-like atmosphere in a transparent and inclusive organization.

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