Thirukkumaran Valayutham


Before joining the company, I worked on global deployment in New Zealand, followed by China. Fusion Consulting approached me for a permanent position in Germany as a Managing Consultant, and that is how my career took off in this company in 2018. I am currently the Director and Australia Country Lead and took part in the Fusion expansion into the Asia Pacific, leading the Australian entity and working together with the Asia Pacific team to expand our presence as a significant player in the SAP and other emerging technologies.
“Success is just around the corner. Never give up believing it.”
It is essential to mention how Fusion Consulting supported me on my journey through challenges and achievements. I was recognized as a competent leader for global program deployments and given opportunities to participate in new technical and leadership roles. These positive experiences combined with deep and genuine relationships built upon trust and respect with the coworkers and the management team reassured me that I am at the right place at Fusion Consulting. If you would like to join a global company like Fusion Consulting, my advice to you is to Explore the unknown and enjoy the journey in the consulting world. You will see lots of challenges and opportunities. Learn and be a better person from every experience. Have a passion for your work, and successes will always come your way.

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