Business Architecture

Drawing the big picture

Building a business is a bit like building a house — a detailed architectural plan helps every team member understand and work toward a common vision. Fusion’s business architecture services align strategic goals with tactical requirements to help every division, department and individual at your company embrace transformation and prepare to build a business that stands the test of time.

Maybe you want to expand sales and operations around the globe. Or turn cost centers into profit centers. Or bring consistency to your IT infrastructure. Whatever your goal, we’ll use proven methods to help you plan, visualize and implement it — using your existing resources as effectively as possible to benefit your bottom line.

Our Offer

Capability Assessment

Plan and use existing resources and skills effectively.

Strategy Planning

Develop a comprehensive and effective corporate strategy for the future.

Requirements Engineering

Identify all business requirements to successfully complete your projects.

Process Modelling

Visualize and analyze your business processes.

We support you with mentoring, coaching and supervision, and strive for open and honest communication as well as mutual growth. We flexibly react to specific project requirements and offer tools to increase productivity.

Why Fusion?

Because companies going through transformation processes are in need of experienced mentors who communicate openly and honestly.
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Whether you have general questions about digital transformation or you want to chat about specific SAP solutions, we’re always happy to help.