Data Asset Services

Creating the Foundation for Success

Did you know that not only in Spain but also in Australia there is a place called Malaga? No? Not a problem - as long as your master data knows the difference. Otherwise things might get expensive. After all, correct master data is the basis for smooth and successful business processes. In particular, international companies are confronted with the challenges of Master Data Management and Master Data Governance on a daily basis. Incorrect or inconsistent master data can slow down or even stop business processes. This is not only a financial but also an operational risk, which must be countered in advance with smart concepts and measures. Our Data Asset Services ensure that the management of data in companies is focused on quality and security right from the start.

Capabilities of Data Asset Management

All around the world, in every enterprise, the enormous volume and diversity of decisions and actions which are informed by analytics and insights derived from Data – are progressively driven by new and evolving Data Asset Management frameworks, data architectures and technology platforms. The massive impact of Data Asset Management is still underestimated. Here are some hard facts about Data Asset Management to think about:

  • 25% of critical data in the world’s top companies is flawed
  • 3-6% of our enterprise’s market capitalization is generated by our Master Data*
  • 20-40% revenue and sales losses due to poor data quality
  • Our Master Data can be accounted for 3 to 6%  of our enterprise’s market capitalization**
  • Poor Data Quality directly influences the quality of our enterprise-related decisions and initiatives what results in revenue losses of 15-20% and Sales by 20-40%​
  • 66% of organizations believe they’re negatively affected by inaccurate data
  • 92% of businesses admit their contact data is not accurate
Challenges with Master Data

The majority of organizations already gain master data on their suppliers, customers and products, but a considerable number are still struggling with it, creating problems with real business impact.  Four challenges related to MDM are:

Procurement: Lack of transparency and duplicated data hinder supplier selection and rationalization, leading to shortages and delays in receiving supplies and supply chain disruptions.
Supply Chain: Duplicated materials and products​ cause inefficient demand planning, wrong indicators falsify fright declarations. This increases costs and delays shipping along the supply chain.
Financials: Multiple duplicates and outdated payment information are main causes for inconsistent financial master data across enterprises and lead to delays in receiving and sending payments and increases risk of non-compliance to IFRS**​
Sales Effectiveness: Lack of transparent and duplicate data across organization hinder automated sales processes. These weak spots have to be processed manually and therefore increase duration and costs.

Impacts on Strategic KPI

Taking your Data Assets to the next level

A deep dive analysis will show us where your data management needs improvement. We will make out gaps of training of users entering master data, lack of communication, duplicated records or discrepancies and differentiate the unique data and process requirements between each business unit. From there, our proven strategy of trainings, cleansings, security strategies as well as data stewardship and different tolls will be established and tested. Step by step your company will create more revenue and save time.

Data Migration Management​

There is hardly any​ ERP-related project that does not come with Data Migration activities. Data Migration always demands a detailed plan to ensure a solid and reliable process capable of moving data into a target system without disrupting business continuity, involving clear procedures to mitigate risk and maximize the project success.

Data Migration Strategy
Delivery Roadmap
Business Adoption
Your Benefits

We will help you identify your individual goals and collaborate with all business units. Our expert mentors can navigate the journey and help you every step of the way. With the appropriate Data Asset Management you pave the way for becoming a high-performing organization. 

We support you with mentoring, coaching and supervision, and strive for open and honest communication as well as mutual growth. We flexibly react to specific project requirements and offer tools to increase productivity.

Why Fusion?

Because companies in transformation processes need experienced mentors who communicate openly and honestly.
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References: Halo Business Intelligence
*Title: Economic Value of Information, Source: MIKE2.0

** International Financial Reporting Standards